Essential Accessories You Need on Your Wedding Day

May 9, 2022

The excitement about your upcoming wedding is building. You found your dream wedding dress, and the venue is fantastic; your guest list is complete! Whether you are a traditional or modern bride, a few final details will enhance your wedding ensemble, making you even more beautiful and adding to your stunningly beautiful wedding dress.

The only thing left for you to do is find the essential accessories that every bride needs. Here is a list to make it easier for you!

8 Essential Accessories Every Bride Needs

Accessories add the finishing touches to your wedding dress and your wedding day. 

1. Shoes

For many brides, one of the essential accessories she has on their list to find is the perfect shoes to wear on their wedding day. There are various factors to consider when you are looking for the shoes, such as:

  • Comfort is crucial because you will be wearing the shoes for an extended time and possibly all-day.
  • Color is a personal choice, whether you want them to match your wedding dress or pick a pair that adds a flash of color, perhaps red, baby blue, or whatever your favorite color may be.
  • Style makes all the difference. If you are having a beach wedding, consider sandals or ballet pumps ideal, or maybe you want to wear stiletto heels. Hereโ€™s a hint- make sure you have your shoes before your first dress fitting to ensure your seamstress can hem your wedding dress perfectly. You can also pack a pair of flats for the reception.

2. Hair Accessories

Your wedding day is extraordinary, and there are many beautiful accessory options to wear in your hair. Experimenting with all your choices will be fun, and whether your wedding is on the beach, formal, casual, bohemian, or traditional, here are a few possibilities.

  • The Veil. Many brides consider choosing a veil as it has been the traditional choice, especially at more formal weddings. Choosing the perfect veil for your wedding dress is vital to ensure that they complement each other and not clash.
  • A Tiara. A tiara is a perfect choice for the bride who wants to feel like a princess and is suitable for almost every hairstyle.
  • A Tiara And Veil Combination. If you want a long luxurious cathedral veil train for your wedding and a tiara for the reception, it is a great way to have the best of both worlds.
  • Flowers. A beautiful option for a bohemian or garden-style wedding is to add fresh flowers or a whimsical flower wreath atop your head, bringing a sense of simplicity, beauty, and nature to your wedding.
  • Embellished Combs And Slides. To add a soft, romantic look to your hair, consider jeweled slides or elegant combs, which are perfect for a casual, backyard, or beach wedding gown

3. Purse Or Clutch

While you most likely will not want to carry a purse during your wedding ceremony, you will most likely have your hands full carrying a bouquet. However, during the reception, you may want mints, tissue, lipstick, or other small items that would fit into a purse or clutch. It can also be a way to add a little extra detail as there are various color options and choices that are embellished or very simple.

4. Garter

Historically, guests would attempt to rip off a piece of the bride’s dress and believed it was good luck, and the garter was thought to symbolize the consummation of marriage. The garter toss became a tradition to avoid guests trying to rip a part of the bridal dress off. Also, it is an opportunity for the groom to share a piece of the wedding with friends and family.

5. Bridal Sash

Depending on your wedding dress style, a bridal sash may be a way to dress up a simple wedding dress. Bridal sashes range from a simple ribbon sash, embellished bridal belts, or belts with jewels and crystals and are an easy way to add some flare and personality to your look.

6. Gloves

If you want to add a touch of elegance to wear on your wedding day, a pair of gloves may be just what you are looking for and come in various styles and lengths. For example, a pair of embellished gloves with tiny pearls, fingerless gloves with lace, or simple satin gloves add the finishing touch to your fabulous wedding dress.

7. Wrap Or Wedding Jacket

Depending on where you are having your wedding, the weather can fluctuate greatly, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. A wrap or wedding jacket can also keep the chill off and add cover from the wind.

8. Flowers

Flowers add a special touch to your dress and your wedding. Choose your bridal bouquet carefully and make sure it goes with your dress; choose some of your favorite flowers and consider adding color if it would enhance your look. After all, there is much more to the wedding bouquet than the bride throwing it to her awaiting guests; it is an essential accessory on your special day.

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