Trumpet vs. Mermaid Dresses: How Do They Differ?

March 10, 2022

There are many options of bridal gowns to choose from, and your ideal wedding dress flatters your figure, makes you feel confident and sexy and has the silhouette of your dreams.

Your favorite wedding dresses are the trumpet and the mermaid styles; you can imagine yourself in both of them, and now you just have to decide which one you will wear for your dream wedding.

While there are similarities, let us look at the difference between the trumpet and mermaid style wedding dresses.

The Differences Between The Trumpet And The Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The trumpet and mermaid bridal gowns are elegant, beautiful dresses that can accommodate any style of bridal train, including the royal cathedral train over three meters long. Yet there are differences in the details of the two types of wedding dresses.

The Flare

Where the flare begins, and the size of the flare is the main difference. The mermaid dress flare starts at or around the knees, whereas the flare begins around the mid-thigh area on the trumpet dress. The mermaid dress’s flare is more dramatic, and the trumpet style dress has a more gradual flare.

The Mermaid Wedding Dress

A mermaid wedding dress has a fitted style that hugs the bride’s body from the upper body to the knees. The flare on the mermaid dress begins at or below the knee, creating a very full skirt. The mermaid dress is elegant, chic, and sophisticated, and the skirt is often embellished with details of lace, ruffles, sequence, crystals, or beading.

The mermaid gown can have a variety of necklines, and can include straps that accentuate the bride’s neck. But the feature that defines a mermaid dress is the tight-fitting torso to the thighs and sudden dramatic flare, creating a contrast between the bottom and top of the dress. Mermaid dress styles can range from minimalist and simple to extravagant and flamboyant.

The Trumpet Wedding Dress

The trumpet wedding dress is form-fitting, hugging the torso and the hips with a gradual flare outward that highlights the bride’s natural curves. The flare on the trumpet wedding dress begins mid-thigh, which is higher up than the mermaid style wedding dress, creating a trumpet-like silhouette for the bride.

The trumpet dress is more forgiving of body shapes, is more subtle, and has a less dramatic β€œtail.” Many consider the trumpet style dress easier to move around than the mermaid dress. Various styles can match your dream dress vision, such as rustic, bohemian, high-end sophistication, or minimalist style.

Choosing The Best Dress For You

These are some factors to consider when choosing between the trumpet and mermaid wedding dress.

  • Body Type. If you want a dress that accentuates your hourglass figure, the mermaid dress will be the perfect style to create a sexy and curvy silhouette.

The trumpet style is an excellent choice for a hip and torso hugging dress to pronounce your curves, especially if your shoulders are broader or heavier on top, as the wide tail at the bottoms helps to even out the upper body proportions.

This dress style also looks great on hourglass or pear-shaped bodies and is more forgiving than mermaid dresses.

  • Personality. Is your personality daring and bold? The mermaid dress is perfect for you if you want to make a statement on your wedding day. Add more embellishments to the skirt and bridal train for a more dramatic look. 

However, if your personality enjoys a more subtle appearance, the trumpet dress is an excellent choice for you with its sultry charm and elegant look.

  • Flexibility and Movement. Consider how you would feel wearing your dress and if you want to be able to move more freely or if you are okay with having more restricted movements.

The trumpet shape will allow more mobility and freedom of movement than the mermaid-style dress, as it is not quite as form-fitting.

If you decide on the mermaid dress, your movements will have to be more cautious and slower as it can be somewhat constricting.

It is all about your personal preferences and what would be most comfortable for you. There are many designers to choose from!

Find Your Dream Dress Today

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