Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress: What You Need To Know

February 28, 2022

There are many details to think about when planning the day of your dreams. You have picked the venue, invited the guests, chosen the cake, food, and wedding favors, and you even found your dream dress!

Now that you have your wedding dress, you want to personalize it with finishing touches. When it comes to accessories for your wedding dress, we will make it easy for you and tell you the top tips you need to know! 

Essential Elements 

When choosing accessories, it helps to consider what will be comfortable and understand that the trick to adding accessories is to add only the pieces that match your style. 

While accessories are beautiful individually, it is essential to look at your wedding ensemble as a whole, with your wedding dress being the main statement. You want to choose accessories to compliment your dress instead of clashing.

If your dream dress has a lot of embellishment with beading, sequence, or lace, you may consider keeping accessories to only a couple of pieces, such as a matching veil or gloves, and remember to include the things that every bride needs

Choosing A Headpiece Or A Veil

There are various styles of headpieces or veils to choose from, and this is one of the most popular accessories. Here are some of the choices:

  • A wedding veil is a classic wedding accessory, and it comes from the traditional belief that it protects the bride against evil spirits and symbolizes virginity and fertility.

Whatever your beliefs are, many brides view wearing a wedding veil as part of the rite of passage and love how it makes them feel.

When choosing the perfect veil for your wedding dress, the veil style and length are a personal choice. Veils range from the cathedral style to a short birdcage style and come in different fabrics and colors, and you want them to compliment your dress.

  • The sparkly tiara is the choice for brides who want to feel like a princess! Tiara designers use combinations of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and semi-precious gems to make affordable pieces to wear with your ballgown-style wedding dress. Imagine how it will sparkle!
  • The flower crown. For the bride with a youthful and free-spirited vibe, adding a wreath of flowers and greenery adds color and is the perfect accessory to a flowy dress. Add some braids to your hair, or wear it down with the flower crown on top of your head for a bohemian-style wedding look.

Match Your Metals

Ensure that you use your engagement and wedding ring as a starting point and match any other jewelry you plan to wear.

  • Gold matches ivory colored dresses the best due to the cream undertones
  • Pearls easily compliment most dress shades
  • White gold and silver look amazing with brighter white hues


If you want a necklace to accentuate your neckline choose simple is best. You want to make sure the necklace does not overlap with the dress. Depending on your style of dress, here are some tips.

  • Sweetheart necklines have a classic and romantic style, and accessorizing with a necklace and a small pendant to add a little sparkle is perfect.
  • Strapless dresses can be accessorized with bolder pieces that sit just above or at the collarbone to help balance the space on your neckline.
  • V-neck dresses call for a classic string of pearls, or some more decadent accessories like a statement necklace or crystal choker.


Earrings are a perfect way to elongate your neck and frame your face. Simple studs are a great choice if you have a long or highly embellished veil or tiara, while longer designs are perfect if you wear a strapless wedding dress. Make sure you are matching your metals when choosing jewelry.


Bracelets are an optional accessory as your wrist area gets less exposure.  If you have a special bracelet you want to wear, it is okay, but keep it simple.


Your wedding and engagement symbolize your love and unity as husband and wife on this special day, so when it comes to rings, we recommend you only wear your engagement ring unless you have one with deep sentimental value.


Often associated with royalty, the tradition is the longer the glove, the more formal the event, and pairing long gloves with a ballgown style dress is best. Shorter gloves made of lace can add a modern look.

Wedding Sash

Elevate your A-line dress silhouette by adding a wedding sash as it creates a separation between the bodice and the skirt. You can find wedding sashes with a simple satin ribbon or embellished with crystal or rhinestones as an accessory to the mermaid or trumpet dresses. It is also a way to add some color and cinch your waistline.


Comfort is key! Choose shoes that emphasize your style and are versatile so you can wear them walking down the aisle and parting on the dance floor. Some brides also decide to invest in two pairs- one for the wedding and another for the reception.

Ready To Find Your Dream Dress?

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