The Future of Wedding Dresses: Wedding Dress Trends for 2022

March 20, 2022

Wedding dress trends shift yearly, and 2022 is no different. If you are saying “I Do” in 2022 or just getting ideas for your big day and your dream wedding dress, the favorite new trends and the return of many styles we love are some of the wedding dresses brides-to-be should be considering.

Whether the wedding dress style you are looking for is short and sassy for a simple ceremony, minimalist designs, a colorful statement dress, or a clean silhouette, there is something that will suit every bride’s dream.

13 Trendy Wedding Dress Styles For 2022

Wedding dress designers constantly strive to create new trendy styles for brides to choose from when looking for the dresses of their dreams. Whether you are buying your wedding dress online or going to a bridal store to design your wedding dress, these are some of the top trends for wedding dresses in 2022.

1. Off-The-Shoulder

The beautiful and sensual off-the-shoulder sleeves show off your romantic side. The neckline is versatile and suits any silhouette, including any style from a princess ballgown to a fitted sheath dress.

2. High Slits

If you want to show off some skin and your sexy legs, a wedding dress with high slits is incredibly sexy and is the perfect wedding dress trend of 2022 for you! Well suited for a modern bride looking for a fashionable wedding dress and is one of the best options for beach and outdoor weddings.

3. Statement Dress with prints

Breaking all the rules, designers strayed from the traditional white gown in 2022, opting to bring dresses with beautiful floral prints in hues from blues and lavender, for the bride who wants to make a bold statement and choose a non traditional wedding dress for their big day.

4. Minimalist Style

A beautiful and elegant style wedding dress ideally suited for the minimalist bride who dreams of a simple wedding dress. The minimalist wedding dress is not big and poofy, with lots of layers of fabric or glitter, yet it makes a beautiful statement. Minimalist bridal gowns are elegant, classic, and effortlessly beautiful and are all about the bride being the centerpiece at the wedding of her dreams.

5. Statement Sleeves

The style of sleeves on a wedding dress can change the look of your wedding dress. Trendy wedding dresses in 2022 include bell sleeves that began in the Medieval Era, through the 70s and now have returned, and bishop “puff” sleeves, which were popular last season. Statement sleeves add a dramatic feel and look to the overall style of the wedding dress.

6. Sexy Cutouts

Bold and beautiful, sexy cutouts turn traditional gowns into designer masterpieces creating a sexy silhouette that is contemporary and tasteful.

7. Bows

Bows in all sizes, ornate, beaded, or plain, are trending, and you can put the perfect touch on a basic wedding dress and transform it into your dream dress. Bows can be used as a ribbon around the waist or at the back to add a little embellishment to create an elegant and sophisticated wedding dress.

8. Backless Dresses

Nothing says sexy like a backless and low-back wedding dress on a bride’s wedding day, and it will WOW your groom and your guests!

9. Two-Piece Dresses

A hot trend for wedding dress styles in 2022, also known as bridal separates, this style is fun and flexible. You can also design your bridal style, mixing and matching bridal tops, bottoms or bridal jackets, and gorgeous wedding dresses.

10. Two-In-One Looks

A two-in-one bridal look is versatile, and the bride can change her look without changing her dress. If you want a full skirt for the ceremony that is removable for the reception making it easier to move around, visit and dance the night away with your groom, friends, and family, then this style is ideal.

11. Wedding Pants or Wedding Jumpsuits

Wedding dresses are not the only option in 2022. Modern-day brides can opt to make a statement and wear wedding pants or a jumpsuit and be comfortable for the whole day!

12. Necklines Styles

High-Neck or halter necklines became popular in 2018; it continues their trend into 2022, adding a classic touch to any dress, and square necklines also made a debut on wedding gowns this year, adding a modern touch to wedding dress silhouettes.

13. Voluminous Ruffles

Ruffles and weddings go hand in hand, from voluminous skirts to ruffled hemlines and tiered tulle; if you want to feel like a princess at the ball, this is the wedding dress style for you in 2022!

Your Dream Dress Awaits

At Sposa Mia Couture, we have over 500 dream dresses to choose from in south Texas. Our hand-curated collection of wedding dress styles is elegant, sexy, sophisticated, and simple with something to suit every bride’s dream. Contact us today to make an appointment to shop with us, and we will help bring your vision to life!

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