Understanding The Different Types Of Lace For Your Wedding Dress

April 29, 2022

Lace is a traditional and iconic fabric that has been added to wedding dresses to add detail, elegance, and femininity. Many brides may not know that there are several types of lace, each with its aesthetic appeal and function.

Finding the perfect one for your dream wedding dress may feel overwhelming with all the choices, so we are here to explain the different types of lace to help you decide.

11 Types Of Lace For Your Wedding Dress

1. Eyelash Lace

Commonly found on bridal gowns and bridal intimates, eyelash lace is a delicate french lace that is soft and ultra-feminine. The eyelash lace got its name from the thin, wispy threads that line the edge of the lace fabric, and it resembles eyelashes and creates a classic wedding look adding a vintage touch to the modern-day bridal wedding dress.

When the eyelash lace is used at the neckline or sleeve, it dramatically impacts the look of the bridal gown as the delicate small detailed trim adds a feminine flair making the bride feel extra special and beautiful on her wedding day.

2. Knit Lace

Brides who want an elegant look will love knit lace, a machine-made flexible fabric. Knit lace will stretch around your body’s curves, making it much easier to wear and does not have the stiffness of other lace fabrics. Knit lace is an excellent choice for a bride who doesn’t want to sacrifice style.

3. Brocade Lace

If a bride is looking for a lace that often includes gold and silver accent threads or colored silk, this bridal lace adds a rich, lavish, and decorated look to any bridal gown. While this type of lace may not be for a minimalist bride, it is perfect for the bride who wants to feel like royalty.

The brocade lace fabric weaves threads together specifically to make some of them raised and appear similar to an embroidered lace. This opaque lace fabric is often used on the bodice, creating an ornate feel to your wedding dress.

4. Embroidered Lace

Embroidered lace patterns are often very delicate and perfect for a bride wanting a unique look. This detailed and decorative lace is often a motif or design that appears to be an applique. The embroidery process creates an illusion of depth, and the lace often has added details of florals, beading, and cording. Embroidered lace can be machine or hand-crafted, giving the bridal designer a chance to make one-of-a-kind bridal gowns.

5. Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is a bobbin lace dating back to the 17th century and is well-known French silk lace that comes with a history with the European royals. At one time, chantilly lace was only made in black. Once designers began sewing it onto wedding dresses because of its unique and distinctive bridal look, white became readily available. This famous lace is perfect for a bride who wants beautifully detailed lace on her wedding dress.

6. Alencon Lace

Alencon lace is needle lace made in Northern France and is also known as corded lace; and is known because of the 3-D effect it creates on the fabric. This lace is lightweight and unique because it incorporates outlining detail using cording or a heavier weight thread, which gives the Alencon lace a dimensional look.

For a bride who wants an elegant wedding gown, the Alencon lace can be embellished with even more sparkle by adding seed pearl or sequins, giving it more depth and a more feminine feel to your bridal gown.

7. Honiton Lace

Honiton lace is perfect for a traditional or classic bride and is a handmade bobbin lace produced in England; it was also Queen Victoria’s selection for her bridal veil. This lace, known for its beauty, is at the origin of the white wedding traditions and is a timeless choice for any bride.

Honiton lace is perfect for trims, to add intricate florals and patterns, and is made by creating individual complex patterns and then bringing them together to design exquisite repetitive motifs. If you are a bride who relishes the classic wedding dress look, this may be the lace for your dream dress.

8. Schiffli Lace

Schiffli lace is an American manufactured bridal lace applique and perfect for a bride who wants a wedding dress with a vintage feel. Historically this type of lace was made using a chemical process that caused the fabric to disintegrate, leaving behind an exquisite embroidery. However, with updated techniques, the bridal lace manufacturers now use a water-soluble material to create this beautiful feminine lace for your wedding dress.

9. Point D’ Esprit

Point D’ Esprit is a delicate lace similar to a dotted swiss lace and is perfect for a simple and fun bridal look. It works great as a top layer or layered, creating a textured look and adding more embroideries—Point D’ Esprit bridal lace is perfect for the modern bride.

10. Battenburg Bridal Lace

Battenburg lace is often found in vintage bridal gowns and is a heavier bridal lace; while it is harder to find, it is an excellent option for a bride who wants a specific bridal lace design.

Designers create this lace by hand through a unique combination of mixing stitching patterns of linen braid and then combining them with decorative linen stitching creating beautiful and unique designs.

11. Venise Lace Or Guipure Lace

This handmade bridal lace was inspired by 16th-century crafts and became popular in the 19th century. For a bride who wants a regal fairytale wedding, this heavy lace with an open background is a perfect choice.

The Venus Lace, also known as Guipure Lace, is made with close-together stitching that creates a raised design and appears similar to the style of ivory carvings. Popular among Europe’s royals and the wealthy, this bridal lace was typical on sleeves and collars to show elite status. For a bride who has always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding dress, the Venise Lace is an ideal choice.

We Are Here To Help Your Find The Perfect Lace For Your Wedding Dress

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