Posing For Your Wedding Photos 101

August 26, 2022

Posing your wedding photos is exciting. Still, it can also feel stressful because you want them to be perfect, and this photo opportunity happens only once in a lifetime.

Posing for your wedding photos may be one of the last things on your mind, yet those timeless moments captured by your wedding photographer will be a part of the memories you cherish forever and share with family and friends.

We are here to help make it easier and give the bride and groom tips for posing for your perfect wedding photos so much easier.

Top Tips For Amazing Wedding Photos

Tip #1. Act Natural

Acting natural is essential and will always give you your best wedding photos. Allowing moments of laughter, connection, and joy to linger can be the perfect opportunity for amazing wedding photos

Tip #2 Smile Naturally

A natural smile is the best smile. Also, you don’t need to be smiling every second of your wedding, but when you do, relax your face and allow your natural smile to shine through. Avoid forcing a smile and choose to go with your natural facial expressions.

Tip #3. Know Your Best Side

Some people may photograph better on one side, so look at various angles to see if you like one side of your face better, and be sure to let your photographer know if you have a preference.

Tip #4. Rotate Your Torso

A trick to make you look thinner is to rotate your torso.

  • Rotate your hips 45 degrees away from the camera
  • Place your weight on your back foot
  • Pointing your front foot towards the camera and put a slight bend in your knee
  • Put one hand on your hip and smile naturally

Tip #5. Stay Connected To Your Spouse

Whether you are touching them physically, looking into their eyes, or sharing a moment of special connection and laughter; your photos should reflect the deep loving bond that you and your spouse share.

Group photos with everyone being playful are also wedding photos you will treasure for years.

Best Opportunities To Capture Candid Photos

Photos that capture your personality are ideal; however, sometimes, capturing these perfect yet natural poses can be challenging. Here are some excellent moments your wedding photographer can use to capture those candid photos.

1. The Bride Admiring Her Dress

Brides often dream of their wedding day and the dress they will wear. The moment you are admiring your dream wedding dress is a perfect moment to capture you dreaming of walking down the aisle to your beloved future groom.

2. Adding Finishing Touches To The Vows

For a sweet, sentimental moment, capturing the bride or groom finishing up their vows makes a perfect pre-wedding photo.

3. Bride Putting On Earrings

In this photo, it is easy for the photographer to get a beautiful picture of the bride, including the engagement ring, heirloom bracelets, accessories, and her glowing beauty, all in one shot.

4. Slipping On Your Wedding Shoes

The moment you slip on those stunning shoes you found means you are one step closer to walking down the aisle, and the look in your eyes and on your face says it all.

5. Buttoning Up The Shirt Or Jacket

The buttoning of the jacket poses is the perfect time to get a glimpse of those unique cufflinks and watch without getting too formal.

6. Tying The Tie

Special moments like tying the tie or lacing the shoes are among the final moments before walking down the aisle and are great candid photos to add to your collection.

7. Gazing At The Bouquet

A beautiful moment for the bride as she looks down at the bouquet that will show off her softness and stunning makeup while appearing natural.

8. The Bride And Her Train

If you choose a dramatic wedding train, you want to show it off. You can highlight your train and profile by angling yourself with an over-the-shoulder glance.

9. Featuring The Veil

For the bride wearing an exquisite veil, placing yourself with the light filtering through the elegant fine material with your arms gracefully holding it for different shapes will make a stunning photo.

10. The First Look

The first time the couple looks at each other during the ceremony is one of the most important photos. It is a keystone photograph. Let the moment unfold naturally without thinking about the photographer, knowing they will capture the moment perfectly.

11. Spinning The Bride

A shot of your partner spinning you around can show your dress in motion.

12. Jumping Into Each Other’s Arms

For a fun action shot that will give a whole new angle and create laughter, have your partner swoop you up, literally!

13. Kissing The Temple Or Forehead

A sweet kiss to the temple or forehead can catch a moment of tenderness and is a super sweet pose.

14. Candid Laughter

Laughter always makes for great wedding photographs between the couple and wedding party portraits.

15. Couples’ Sweet Embrace

Nothing says love like a sweet snuggling hug to pull on your heartstrings for a fabulous wedding photo, and depending on the angle could also show off the bride’s hair and train.

16. A Playful Kiss On The Neck

Bring on some laughter and play with a gentle, playful kiss on the neck.

17. Face To Face

For a tender and fun photo, the iconic photo of you and your partner face to face for a beautifully tender moment.

18. Gazing Into Each Others Eyes

Whether moving or standing still, getting lost in the moment makes for a romantic, organic wedding photo.

19. Sharing Secrets

For a cute, endearing photo, whispering secrets into each other’s ears can bring smiles and laughter for fabulous candid wedding photos.

20. Dancing

Enjoy the moment, and forget anyone is watching; it’s just the two of you in each other’s arms.

21. Take A Walk

Strolling together catches some of the most intimate moments between couples.

Things To Avoid

Make sure you aren’t trying too hard and avoid the following things:

  • Close-eyed kissing, although it may feel unnatural to some, so when in doubt, kiss naturally
  • Too much kissing, and also be careful not to smoosh your partner’s nose
  • Moving too fast makes it challenging to get the intimate, candid photo opportunities
  • Trying too hard and forcing a smile
  • Not telling your wedding photographer your preferences, such as a particular side or insecurities about your arms or stomach. Sharing this can help ensure you are happy with the finished product.

Now that you have some ideas about how to create and pose for fabulous wedding photos, it is time to find your dream wedding dress.

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