How to Choose Your Designer and the Wedding Dress That’s Right for You

November 15, 2021

Every bride is different when it comes to their taste in wedding dresses. Some may not think twice about the designer who made their dress, and others might find it their top priority that their wedding dress comes from an extraordinary designer with a vast collection and highly sought-after brand. 

For many brides, they have been waiting their whole life to choose their dream wedding gown. They have every picture and designer catalogued and tucked away for the day they get to choose “The One.” Dress shopping can be overwhelming and occasionally even stressful, too. When you are trying to find something that fits your style and the vibe of your wedding, getting the details just right is extremely important. 

At Sposa Mia Bridal, we don’t want you stressing over finding the perfect dress and designer for you and your wedding. We have helped countless brides navigate the search for their perfect wedding dress, and we’re here to help guide you through the process.

Before you start trying on dresses and searching for designers, consider some expert advice on everything you need to know before ever stepping into the boutique.

4 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Dress Designer

So you know that you want a designer wedding dress, but maybe you are unsure exactly which or how to even choose one right for you—no need to fear. There are many great designers out there and valuable information that you can use to help you on your journey.

Tip #1. Do Your Research

There are many different styles out there, and it might be hard to choose just one. When you start your search, we recommend looking at the designers and bridal salon websites to understand better the styles they offer. If you can’t see yourself wearing several of their dresses, then you could cross that designer off your list.

Don’t feel the need to visit every salon website to get a sense of the salon, just research a few designers you really can see yourself wearing and find the salons that carry options by that designer. Pinterest might even be your best friend for your search. For instance, if you want a boho look, Pinterest might give you an idea of what you like to compare to other designers.

Tip #2. Take Time to Think About Your Budget

You don’t want to fall in love with a dress without knowing the price of it. It’s heartbreaking to have to put the dress back because it doesn’t fall in your budget. Make sure to look for designers that are in your price range. If you have a Hayley Paige taste on a small budget, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

When finding a designer, have a price range in mind and research designers that fall into that range. One designer’s lower end may be at the higher end of your budget, whereas another designer might have several options that fit comfortably in your price range.

Tip #3. Make Sure You Come in With the Style You Want in Mind

There are so many different styles out there, that picking the perfect dress may sometimes seem overwhelming. Designers offer a specific aesthetic that speaks to their style. Make sure you do your homework about the designer’s style and how it fits your ideal dress, and have an idea of what your other options might look like when you start going dress shopping. 

If your idea of a perfect wedding dress is something with a flair for modern wedding fashion, then it wouldn’t make much sense to find a designer who specializes in corset princess wedding dresses. Make sure you communicate your style and shape preferences to the boutique and work with your bridal consultant to get the best range of options for you.

Tip #4. Wedding Dress Trends

If you take a look at any wedding magazine right now, you will be able to see precisely which dresses are trending. A helpful tip is to ignore all of those substantial glossy ads that you will see front and center, and instead focus on the authentic voice of the wedding dress style.

Instead, make sure you go straight to the actual wedding features. If you see a designer or style pop up more than once, you will know that they are in vogue and that you may want to keep an eye on their designs. You also could plug a few names of your favorite designers in and find blogs or features that talk about that designer and their design ethos or other projects.

4 Tips for Picking Out Your Wedding Dress

Once you have chosen your designer, your next step is picking out the dress from there. This can be a lot easier said than done. There can be many other factors to include, like maybe the dress you wanted from that designer is no longer in stock or even that the piece you were looking at isn’t quite what you thought it would be in person. Even your timeline is essential when you choose a designer or dress.

Tip #1. Start Looking Early

When you begin your search, give yourself ample time. Most experts recommend at least nine months as the absolute minimum time between getting your dress and your wedding date. However, if you want to make good time for yourself and your wedding dress, 12 months is your best bet. This leaves enough time to order your wedding dress and for any alterations you might need. 

It’s also crucial that you know your venue before picking out your wedding dress. Weddings usually have a theme, and if you are having a beautiful barn wedding with bales of hay and a hog roast, you probably don’t want to be sporting a mermaid-style wedding dress.

Another factor that can change within a year is your body. This means that you may need to make small alterations to your dress as the wedding draws near if your body has changed in that time. We don’t recommend you try to lose any weight for your wedding, but if you do, doing so after choosing your dress can be a challenge. Choose the right dress for your body, and don’t push yourself to fit in a dress that doesn’t fit you..

Tip #2. Only Try on Four to Seven Dresses

Trying on any more than ten dresses will only confuse you on which is the best dress for you. When going into a salon, have a shortlist of styles that you think would be the best contenders for your style. This is much better than going in blind.. 

In your four to seven choices, allow one to be an out-of-the-box dress that you don’t think you would generally wear, just in case you find out that you like something you wouldn’t have otherwise considered. This leaves the door open for even more possibilities, just in case..

Make sure you listen to your boutique consultant. They will be your genie and will have a plethora of information to help you find the best dress fit for you. They will be there to guide you and may even have a style suggestion you have never considered. 

Tip #3. Sit Down In Your Dress

Weddings have always brought fantasies of princesses like ball gowns and dancing all night with the love of your life. More than likely, your dress may be heavy, and you will be drinking and dancing the night away. When picking out your dress, you may want to think about the less glamorous aspects of your wedding to make sure that the wedding dress you choose holds up. Think about how you will use the bathroom or sit down comfortably while wearing it.

Tip #4. Stay True to the Style You Want

No one will know your style better than you. Only you will know what you love and what will make you feel comfortable. Maybe it’s cliche to say, but you wear the dress, and the dress doesn’t wear you — make sure you don’t just fall in love with a gorgeous gown. Make sure you feel like you in it.

A pro-tip would be to imagine walking down the aisle to your future husband. Imagine how you would feel and if that’s how you want to look. It’s easy to get starstruck by every gown you see, but don’t forget about the whole package. The day will be all about you, and you will want to feel like the best version of yourself.

Let Us Help you Find your Dream Dress!

At Sposa Mia Bridal, our hand-curated collection of Bridal Gowns will steal your heart. With a mixture of price points and styles, we provide a unique selection of gowns and accessories that is elegant, timeless, and romantic.

Please give us a call at the boutique or take a moment to complete our appointment request form to schedule your visit. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to confirm the details!

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