Avoiding Wedding Dress Regret and What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Wedding Dress

November 10, 2021

Spending months planning your perfect dream wedding is a heavy task, and you’re definitely feeling the pressure. 

Reality television has turned your picture-perfect wedding into a life-or-death hunt for the perfect wedding details. You might have even been a little hasty to jump on some of the latest bridal trends when it comes to things like meal choice, music, venue, or a dress. And everyone knows that choosing the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important and special details for the bride-to-be. 

So what happens if you find a dress that you think is perfect at the time, but when it comes down to it, it’s not what you had initially expected? 

Looking for a wedding dress and having the people around you say it’s the one is different than you feeling like it’s the one

Wedding dress regret, or feeling that you may have made the wrong choice in the bridal gown that you initially chose, is more common than you think. 

Avoiding wedding dress regret and knowing what to do when you don’t like your wedding dress will help to keep your head out of the clouds and back down to what you really want in your dream dress. 

Avoiding Wedding Dress Regret

Be Patient With the Process 

Going into a custom designer, bridal boutique, or dress retailer acting like bridezilla is probably going to hinder your search for your dream wedding dress. With this mentality, you’ll likely end up experiencing some degree of wedding dress regret down the line. 

So how do you find the one? Step one is patience.

Do brides want all of the glamor, fireworks, princess feels, and more when they find their perfect wedding dresses? Of course. But when you’re trying on a dress, keep in mind that it’s not going to immediately happen. You’ll try on dresses that look plain, you’ll try on dresses that are too busy. 

But with an open mind and patience, you’ll eventually try on the dress that feels like more than just a dress. That’s the magic of dress shopping. It takes time and patience.

Be Open-Minded

Maybe you’ve had your picture-perfect wedding dress emblazoned in your mind since you were a child. But that doesn’t always mean the same dress is going to be the one that works for you. 

Everything from how a dress looks to how a dress fits can be frustrating when in the dressing room trying on wedding dresses. It can be hard to keep a level head when you try on a handful of flops for only one that might actually work. 

The dress you choose might not be what you initially expected. Maybe it’s a different design than what you pictured. Or maybe the fit needs to be adjusted for it to be just right. Whatever the case is, keep an open mind. You might be surprised at the dress that finds you when you do. 

Stick to Your Dress Budget

You’re holding the receipt for the wedding dress that you just bought and requested alterations for. Instant regret is setting in. The dress looked amazing, but it exceeded your dress budget by a landslide. 

Hopefully this didn’t happen to you.

How do you avoid the crushing regret behind spending way too much money on something that realistically you couldn’t afford? 

Simple ━ while it may be tempting, don’t try on wedding dresses outside of your budget. Stick to this, and you won’t be sitting in the parking lot holding a receipt and frantically deciding whether or not to return the dress or sell a kidney

Keep Your Priorities Straight

While searching for your wedding dress might seem like a stressful task, think about why you’re actually doing so. 

You’re in love! That is something to celebrate, not something to stress over. Think about what comes before everything else associated with the wedding ━ love. Without that love, you wouldn’t be getting married or looking for a dress in the first place. Use that mentality to find a dress that you and your partner will both love. 

What Should You Do When You Don’t Like Your Wedding Dress?

If you’re already past the point of avoiding regret and are experiencing it full force, there are a few tips to follow. 

Immediately Feeling Regret

If you’re experiencing immediate regret in the parking lot with your receipt in hand, you’re probably better off canceling your order so you can get your deposit and other associated fees back. Finding the perfect dress shouldn’t stress you (or your budget) out.

Continuing to Shop

Remember what you loved about the gown when you first tried it on. There was something special about it when you tried it on, so maybe you just need to stick to your gut. Continuing to shop for gowns when you found one that clicked the first time won’t make the process any less stressful. 

Getting a Second Opinion

Get a second opinion or consider alterations to the dress that you fell in love with when you first tried it on. 

Maybe you just need some alterations or embellishments to enhance its existing beauty. Or maybe you just need a confidence boost in knowing that it was the right dress from the get-go. 

Find Your Dream Dress Without the Regret

At Sposa Mia Bridal, we can’t wait to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams. With a unique selection of gowns and accessories, you’ll be able to find something elegant, timeless, and romantic for your special day. 

We have dresses for every budget need, every picture-perfect childhood dream, and every expectation you have for your special day. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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