What Is a “Boho” Wedding Dress? A “Boho” Bride? A “Boho” Wedding?

May 10, 2021

It’s no secret that boho wedding dresses are all the rage right now. If you are a bride that wants to achieve the dreamy and effortless look that comes with being a boho bride, then look no further.

Graphic lace, airy fabrics, and simple silhouettes are all that one needs to be a bohemian bride. As a bride-to-be who has a burning desire to be unconventional but still evoke a sense of wonder and elegance, a boho wedding dress may be the one for you. Have you ever wondered where the origins of fashion came from and how the modern style came to be?

Keep reading to learn the making of the boho style and how to incorporate it into your wedding dress. As well as let us help you determine if this whimsical style is meant for you.

Origins of the “Boho” Style

In the 19th century, the Aesthetic movement of the time became a new type of style. This rebellion against society and the Victorian era’s social constraints led to the bohemian lifestyle, which led to the loose and soft fabrics colored with organic dyes and hand embroidered.

Boho is short for bohemian and was a style that was very popular in the ’60s and ’70s. This style was associated with the lifestyle of hippies and free spirits of that era. This style plays on the fashion from many different subcultures to create the whimsical style that people think of as bohemian.

Usually, this style is characterized by tiered dresses that are long and flowing — while also sporting ethnic touches like wood or tunics. Often, boho-style dresses have embroidery or embellishments that give them a layered look.

Modern Take on the Boho Style

Today, the boho style is usually interwoven with other trends to give it a more modern look. The technique was more popular in the early 2000s when Sienna Miller and Kate Moss took it upon themselves to heighten the fashion.

The boho look now emphasizes the ethnic and vintage pieces from the 50’s,60’s, and 70’s and strives to give off an eclectic feel. A great example of this has a dress with beading, silk, or accent furs. Colors and asymmetric shapes are also prominent features when it comes to this trend. Usually, earthy tones are a must when incorporating boho into your wedding style.

This modern boho is more than costumey trends, however. This style still captures the carefree spirit that many hope to accomplish. With a flare of current, it brings the bohemian style to be a much sleeker style.

Want to Determine if You Are a Boho Bride?

Do you love the look of a boho wedding dress or wedding but unsure if it’s the right style for you? We have come up with a few characteristics to help you determine if this style will uniquely suit you on your wedding day.

  • You love the mix of boho and modern. If you are dreaming of a wedding dress with a mixture of vintage lace and modern silk, chances are you are a boho bride. However, when looking for a modern boho style – the dress should catch all the charm of simplicity with a chic you can find from yesteryear.
  • Unique textures and details catch your eye. You find yourself appreciating all the details and designs that go into a wedding dress. From the sparkling touch of beading to the layers of tulle, you love it all.
  • The thought of flowers and light accessories in your hair makes you excited. Floral crowns or combs have always been a must for you when figuring out your wedding hairstyle.
  • Your bouquet has to be wild and free. You appreciate all kinds of leaves and all things nature. Wild-shaped florals and unruly arrangements are what you are looking forward to when getting your bouquet.

Characteristics of a Boho Wedding Dress

Many bohemian wedding dresses come in all different shapes and styles. From long-sleeved flowy gowns to extended trains, your options are bottomless. What makes a boho dress a boho dress is a carefree and effortless elegance that these dresses give off. Whether it is an off-the-shoulder dress or a more relaxed fit, boho dresses offer freedom with comfort while never going out of style.

So what style of wedding dress is best for boho? A show-stopping dress could consist of a long-sleeved dress with lace. To give it that authentic boho look, find an off-white dress or ivory. If you are looking for a theatrical element for your wedding gown, an extended train may be the perfect match for you.

You can never go along with a lace dress. It brings a contemporary edge to the boho style. Instead, look for a bodice with an illusion neckline or plunging v-neck to get that modern edge to your dream boho dress. Additionally, if you aren’t looking for a low neckline but want a modern edge —  a v-back, full coverage or floor-length skirt to full train is a great alternative.

Let Us Help you Find your Dream Boho Dress!

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