Did Your Grandma Wear It Best? Retro Bridal Dress Ideas

May 10, 2021

The old wedding rhyme goes, “something old and something new.” So are you looking to fulfill “something old” with a retro wedding dress? With vintage wedding dresses no longer being a thing of the past, it’s easy to find dashing styles that fit this classic category.

Vintage dresses range from many different styles that may seem overwhelming to choose from. Usually, it’s the detailing of the dress that adds to the vintage style. Let aspects like the neckline, color, details, and materials guide your overall vision for a vintage wedding gown. 

Many think that this wedding gown style has to be simple to capture the elegance of the older decades. Though this is far from true, looking for a vintage detailing dress will help you tie together your dream of having an elegant, classically-styled wedding. 

If you are looking for a retro-style – we have a few ideas and styles to choose the dress that will transport you to another era. Take a look at some of our favorite vintage styles that will make you want to party at Gatsby’s or take a stroll through Woodstock.

Wedding Dress Inspiration by the Era

Victorian Inspired Wedding Dresses

If you seek a dress that screams romantic, classic, and stunning, then a Victorian-style dress may be exactly what you are looking for. Victorian styles are always showstoppers, especially on our big day. Wedding dresses inspired by the Victorian era are typically hourglass shaped with a tight bodice and a fitted waist

Another prominent feature to look for if you want a Victorian-styled wedding dress is high necklines with sheer sleeves and lace bodices with tulle lining the dress to create the illusion of the Victorian hoop skirt. A must for a wedding dress fitting for the Victorian era is a medium to long length train to complete the dramatic effect intended by that era.

Art Deco Inspired Wedding Dresses

Anything with lots of lace, pearls, ruffles, crystals, and matching headpieces brings together the art deco wedding dress style. Often, these dresses will consist of either a floor-length dress or a knee-length dress. 

More often than not, these dresses represent a rebellious phase where the dress was shorter, and there was no defining waist. However, if that’s not your style, an empire waist will be able to capture the art deco vibe. If you are looking for a more daring choice for your dress, try adding colored embellishments like feathers or faux gems.

Hollywood Glam Inspired Wedding Dresses

Your Hollywood-inspired dress needs to be the shiniest satin material that you can find. When looking for inspiration for a Hollywood glam wedding gown, stay away from lace, so you stray away from an older vintage look. 

To achieve that glam look, you will want a seamless dress. This means that there will be no extra tulle or frill added. This dress will graze your hips and butt, then will flare out and dramatically drape the floor. An essential feature of a Hollywood glam wedding gown is the trail of the dress. In this case, the longer, the better. With a longer train, you will get that dramatic effect that comes with the territory of Hollywood glam.

Rustic Inspired Wedding Dresses

If you want to add a little more boho to your vintage-inspired wedding, then a rustic wedding dress will be the way to go. Anything with lace in an ivory or cream color is used to complete the rustic style for this particular style. Next, try a dress with a deep v-neck with an empire waist and loose lace sleeves to achieve that vintage boho look. Then add a flower crown for the finishing touch, and you will be the perfect vintage boho-chic bride.

Four Vintages Inspired Silhouettes

1. Old School Fit-and-Flare Inspiration

Fit and flare may be a famous silhouette. However, it is a classic. Having a “body hugging” effect creates a very flattering look while also capturing a very modest look. Due to the traditional nature of the fit and flare, the detail of the dress can be played around with to create that vintage look. Details like oversized lace patterns or sheer statement sleeves will be dazzling with the cut and create a timeless look for your wedding gown.

2. Antique A-line Inspiration

A-line silhouettes are popular dresses that hug you around the bust then fall slightly below for an understated and feminine look. This allows for a timeless style that will capture the eyes of all your wedding-goers. Vintage and A-line go hand in hand to achieve that retro look. 

One crucial factor when looking at A-line wedding dresses is going to be looking at sleeve inspiration. Rocking a wedding dress with sheer flutter sleeves, statement shoulders, or cap sleeves will generate the antique look you are hoping to achieve.

3. Vintage Sheath and Column Inspiration

This wedding gown style is unique with its sleek, slim-fitting silhouette that has next to no volume. With the correct details, this minimalistic dress can be styled to look retro. By adding silk and ivory satin, you create a style that will fit any old-school occasion. Pair this dress with scalloped necklines or lace cap sleeves. You will be able to show off a unique vintage style that will keep heads turning.

4. Retro Ball Gown Inspiration

A ball gown may not be the first thought in your head when thinking of a vintage wedding dress. But, if the princess elegance of a ball gown is something you have been dreaming of for your big day, look no further. Ball gowns also create many different aspects of what vintage can entail. Ball gowns are perfect for a Victorian-era chic look that will bring a classical personality to your wedding. Look for details like illusion sleeves, tiered skirts, or ivory hues to give this wedding dress an old-world look.

Let Us Complete Your Dream Wedding With Your Dream Dress

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