Wedding Dress Advice for Finding the Perfect Plus-Size Dress

February 15, 2021

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A couture wedding dress is the dream of every bride. The perfect dress for the best day of their life will be a long, challenging search for every bride with all the choices available in the bridal gown world. Wedding gowns are unique and fit each woman differently, making the search for a designer wedding dress even more difficult when you are a plus-size woman. 

The search to find everyday clothing to fit a plus-size woman that caters to her taste is hard enough. Adding the extra stress of wanting to have the timeless wedding gown to look back on with fond memories makes the task seem almost even harder.

We have researched the best ways to help you find the perfect wedding gown for your perfect day. Read further to find out how to eliminate stress and make the process as easy as the snap of your fingers!

12 Pieces of Advice For a Plus-Size Bride

The perfect wedding dress to show off your gorgeous, curvy figure is out there. Here are some things you should do to find it:

1. Research

The search for the dress dream doesn’t start in the salon but at home. Before walking into the salon, you need to look in magazines or online to find silhouettes you lean toward to give yourself and your bridal consultant an idea of what you will like.

2. Look to Other Plus-Size Brides for Inspiration

Every bride looks exceptional and unique in her wedding dress, but sometimes looking to someone who has a similar body shape will give you an idea of what kind of gown you will want. Seeing a dress on someone who looks like you can help you imagine what it will look like on yourself while finding someone. 

3. Call The Bridal Salon

Most bridal salons will only carry the standard sample size, which is around a size 10. Calling ahead to check will save you time in your search by not going to a bridal shop that may not carry a size you can fit into. 

4. Ignore the Size Tag…

…Up to a point. The focus on dress size is something every woman, no matter what size, focuses on when trying on clothes. Fear not, for wedding dresses are often labeled a size or maybe even two larger than what you may be used to seeing on your everyday wear. 

However, several seamstresses recommend buying a size larger than what you fit into at the bridal salon. The larger size will make fittings easier and often give more room in the gown to breathe and move. 

5. Don’t Worry About Your Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight, but you shouldn’t count on losing those extra pounds before your wedding day. The stress of your wedding preparations and making everything perfect is more than enough to worry about without trying to lose weight. You look fabulous as it is and should flaunt it!

6. Comfort is Key

The gown you fall in love with may feel uncomfortable to move around in for your body shape when you are in the salon and convince yourself you can deal with it for the perfect look you are going for. After all, the ideal wedding dress is hard to come by!

You need to keep in the back of your mind you will be wearing the dress for hours. The difficulty moving in your dream dress and the pain it can cause may put a damper on your wedding day. Choosing a wedding dress you love that you can wear for hours is the best course of action to ensure nothing gets in the way of you being happy on your wedding day.

7. Have an Open Mind

An experienced bridal consultant will be your best asset in your search for the perfect designer wedding gown if you let them work their magic. You may have your heart set on a dress you saw online, but allow the experts to work around the idea you have and try on different things. You never know what you might find!

8. Thick Fabrics are Your Friend

You may want to have those thin fabrics to make you look like an ethereal goddess walking down the aisle, but gauzy, flimsy materials hug every piece of skin. They will often highlight flaws more than accentuate what you want everyone to see. Thicker fabrics will mask those lumps and bumps while smoothing out your frame to give you a polished look walking down the aisle. 

9. Foundation Garments are a Must

It is no secret a great foundation garment is a girl’s best friend. The right foundation wear can make a figure look slimmer and trimmer and fit into clothing better. With the correct foundation garment, you might look fabulous in a dress you would never have dreamed you could have pulled off. Just remember to bring your undergarments on your search with you to see how the gown fits with it underneath.

10. A Gifted Seamstress is a Must Have

While designers are gifted in making exquisite gowns, they often make dresses using standard measurements that won’t fit everybody the same way. You will need to have someone adjust the gown to show off your curves in all the right ways. Most salons are investing in a fitting service in-house, but if they don’t have one, they will often have a selection of trusted seamstresses for you to choose from at their fingertips. 

11. Be Confident and Shut Out The Haters

Don’t listen to those out there telling you to hide your body and try to shame you into choosing a dress you don’t want. Buy that Mermaid gown that hugs every curve, or get the corset dress that makes your bosom stand out. Flaunt what you got and own it!

12. When Everything Seems Lost, Go Custom

You have scoured the entire city and maybe even the state for your perfect gown. None of the stores had anything your style or made you feel like you could walk down the aisle feeling stunning. Many brides decide to have a custom dress made in the style of their choosing instead of spending more time on a fruitless search. Let your imagination run wild and find a local designer to make your dreams a reality.

Plus-Size Brides Deserve The Dress of Their Dreams

A gorgeous wedding gown is what every bride deserves. Size doesn’t matter because every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. 

At Sposa Mia Bridal, we have a wide selection of wedding gowns for brides of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today to schedule your fitting and let our experienced bridal consultants help you find the perfect wedding gown for you.


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