Tips for Your Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

February 10, 2021


He proposed! He got down on one knee and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. Your joyful “Yes!” set in motion the whirlwind of planning for your perfect wedding day. 

The first thing brides-to-be start with is the most crucial part outside of the bride herself: the wedding dress. A gorgeous wedding gown makes the bride the most beautiful woman in the world as she walks down the aisle. 

The experience of finding a wedding dress can be more stressful for some than others. We have collected the best advice to help keep your wedding dress search not only a joyful experience but stress-free as well. 

Tips to Help You Discover Your Perfect Wedding Gown

The perfect wedding dress is often right there on the rack, just waiting to catch your eye. Here are ways to help you not only find that dress that will make you stunning but also a delightful process you can complete without worries.

The Steps Before You Step Into the Bridal Salon

When you choose your bridal salon, you should do a few things before heading into the shop to make sure your visit is a joyful process.

  • Start the search for your gown beforehand – Researching the silhouette you want and what kind of gowns you don’t want will help your bridal consultant know where to start their search to help you find your dream designer dress.
  • Set your budget – Knowing the price point for your gown will help the bridal shop staff pinpoint the dresses to show you that will make you look your best while not breaking your bank.
  • Call ahead to make an appointment for your visit – Bridal Salons would be flooded with brides if they allowed them to walk-in without advanced notice. Bridal shops want you to have the best experience possible, and having an appointment makes sure the bridal consultant can give you their full attention without outside distractions.
  • Check with the shop they have your size – The bridal gown search is more fun when you have your friends with you. A couple of friends in the salon to give you their honest opinions on how the dress looks will help you decide if you are stuck between one, two, or more dresses.

Things to Bring With You to the Bridal Shop

While bridal shops are stocked with the essentials for you to peruse and imagine your walk down the aisle, they don’t have everything you need to have for your visit. Here are a few things you need to bring with you to help make your experience the best it can be:

  • Undergarments –  If you know what you are going to wear underneath your gown, bring it with you. The fit of your undergarments can change how the dress fits your figure and how your body will look in it. 
  • An Open Mind – You may have your heart set on that mermaid gown you saw hugging the model in all the right places in the pictures online, but it may not be what you thought once the dress is on you. Allowing the bridal consultant to suggest other silhouettes outside of the one you have your heart set on will help the search for your perfect gown go quicker.
  • Friends – The bridal gown search is more fun when you have your friends with you. A couple of friends in the salon to give you their honest opinions on how the dress looks will help you make a decision if you are stuck between one, two, or more dresses.

What to Remember in the Bridal Shop

The distraction of the gorgeous lace and shiny beads often has the unique power to make women forget things. However, you have to remember a few things outside of looking fabulous to keep in the forethought of your mind while trying on your future bridal gown:

  • Comfort is Key – You will be spending hours in the dress of your dreams, so you need to make sure you are comfortable in it. A tight corset can become uncomfortable, or the form-fitting gown almost unbearable once you have been in the garment for an extended length of time. A balance of comfort and style is key to enjoying your wedding day while looking fantastic.
  • Ignore the Numbers – The dress sizes on bridal gowns differ from designer to designer. A size 12 in everyday wear may be a size 10 in one designer and a size 16 in another. Ignore what the size tag says and focus on how you look in the gown itself.
  • Ask about fittings – Bridal salons are investing in having a seamstress on staff to do the fittings in-house. When you find the dress of your dreams, ask your bridal consultant if the salon has a fitting service so you can schedule your appointment while ordering your dress at the same time. It will give you one less thing to worry about when your wedding day is creeping ever closer. 

Let’s Find “The One” Together

Outside of your wedding day, the day you find your perfect wedding dress is the best part of getting married. You deserve to have the best place to have your experience and a wide variety of wedding gowns to choose from.

Let’s Find Your Dream Dress.

At Sposa Mia Bridal, our hand-curated collection of Bridal Gowns will steal your heart, with a mixture of price point and styles we provide a unique selection of gowns and accessories that is elegant, timeless and romantic.

To schedule your visit, please give us a call at the boutique or take a moment to complete our appointment request form. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to confirm the details!


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