Should I Wear a Veil With My Wedding Dress?

August 10, 2021

You’re probably well aware of the charm of bridal veils. A woman’s face brightens up, tears begin to flow, and she turns into a bride as soon as a veil is fitted on her head. The veil is the most romantically delicate of all bridal accessories, creating a sense of mystique around the bride. 

There are many questions about this treasured piece of fabric. The origins of the wedding veil, its religious importance, the numerous symbolic connotations connected with bridal veils, and the various types of veils will all be discussed in this article. 

Continue reading to discover more about this legendary custom and get answers to your bridal veil questions. We’re here to elucidate them so you can determine whether or not a bridal veil is the right choice for you on your big day.

The History of the Bridal Veil

The veil is the most traditional component of the wedding gown. It traces back to ancient Greece to symbolize the arrival of a humble and warded woman. Additional advantages are that the veil can shield her from evil spirits that could try to sabotage her happiness.

Nowadays, the bridal veil is more commonly worn as a fashion piece rather than a way of warding off evil spirits. Some brides opt to hang one over their face, but most drape it over the back of their hair and gown. 

The Bridal Veil’s Symbolic Meanings

This seemingly simple wedding accessory may have diverse connotations for different individuals and civilizations. The veil can inspire ideas of femininity, intrigue, sensuality, or simply “bridal,” in addition to purity, modesty, and virginity. 

The wedding veil has been associated with a variety of symbolic meanings. These are some of them:

  • Protection: Some people believe that the veil symbolizes the groom’s pledge to protect and provide for her.
  • Perpetual Love: The groom puts a veil over the bride’s face to show that he is not marrying for her external appearance and that her looks are trivial compared to his unconditional love for her.
  • Trust: The bride wears a thick veil to hide her face in certain highly conservative cultures. It indicates that she is confident in the man she is about to marry and does not need to look at him.
  • Chastity: Lifting the veil signifies that the pair is now able to have a physical connection. It represents the bride offering her virginity and purity.
  • Status: In the Victorian era, the wedding veil served as a social status symbol. The weight, length, and material of a bride’s veil determined her riches.
  • Accessory: Modern weddings use the veil as a fashion piece rather than for its symbolic significance. Wearing a veil as a sign of virginity and purity is deemed offensive by many women today.

What Are the Most Prominent Bridal Veil Designs You Could Choose From?

There are many various styles of veils to select from, depending on your wedding gown style, hairdo, face shape, wedding accessories, and even the locale where your wedding is happening. 

The Royal Veil

The longest veil is the royal veil, which spans for feet behind the bride. This veil is famous among brides who wish to marry in a church or ballroom. It’s a superior choice among people looking for a big, sophisticated look.

The Mantilla Wedding Veil

A mantilla veil is a Spanish lace veil that falls back onto the shoulders after being worn over the back of the head. It’s a sophisticated, attractive veil that’s also rather basic compared to most other varieties of veils.

The Blusher Veil

A blusher veil is a short, thin veil that covers the face and extends to the chin. This veil is perfect for individuals who wish to wear a veil but don’t want their shoulders or back to be covered.

The Birdcage Veil

A short veil covering the upper part of the face is a birdcage veil. It’s generally made up of a complex net or mesh. The birdcage veil is ideal for brides who want to wear vintage-style bridal gowns.

The Juliet Cap Veil

A Juliet veil is worn as a hat on top of the head. In the twentieth century, it was a trendy option. On charming ball gowns or classic bridal gowns, the Juliet cap veil looks finest.

Is It Necessary to Wear a Veil?

The use of a veil is entirely voluntary. When selecting whether or not to wear a veil, there are several factors to consider. After you’ve chosen your bridal gown, try on various veils to see which one fits attractive. Even if you don’t believe you’d like to wear a veil, this is your one chance, and seeing yourself in one may persuade you otherwise. However, if you don’t want to wear a veil and would rather wear headpieces, like a flower crown, tiara, or none at all—ultimately, that’s OK too.

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