Making Social Distancing Work With Your Wedding Plans

May 30, 2021

After picking out the perfect wedding dress to walk down the aisle, the next step a bride usually puts front and center is the wedding reception.

As the world continues to open up and the weather gets warmer, everyone is beginning to get back to their daily lives more and more. While things are beginning to change, many are still doing everything they can to protect their loved ones and make smart decisions until the pandemic is a distant memory. This means that weddings might look a little different for a while, taking into account social distancing and smart catering options— but that doesn’t mean your big day can’t be just as grand as you have ever imagined!

Every bride wants to have a gathering of her loved ones to witness her special day. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep your wedding day unique while practicing safe social distancing.

9 Ways To Combining Your Wedding Dreams With Social Distancing

1. Communicate Your Expectations

You must communicate with your guests that you expect them to social distance. It would be best to have your expectations outlined for your guests far before the wedding day. By telling your guests what you want in the invitations, it will not be a surprise when they arrive to see signs requesting them to use hand sanitizer or someone at the door checking their temperature while asking them to please use their face coverings.

2. Facial Coverings As Party Favors

Party favors are a standard at any wedding, and this is a chance for you to use it to your full advantage while encouraging social distancing. When people arrive at the location, have face masks ready for those who might not have one on hand with a unique design to your wedding. It will give the guests a functional token to fondly remember your wedding day for years to come.

3. Send Out Virtual Party Favors

There may be some guests who choose not to attend for several reasons. You can live broadcast your wedding for those who cannot attend and mail out a care package of party favors for them to have so they can feel like they are part of your wedding.

4. Get Creative With Your Seating Arrangements

Everyone wants to have all their relatives on their wedding day, but with social distancing, that may be a challenge with the seating arrangements. Having soft sofas for families to sit together and banquettes that seat up to three people encourages social distancing and creates a more intimate ceremony for your guests.

5. “Comfort Band” Systems For Comfortable Distances

Personal space is different for each individual. The new trend of “comfort bands” to signal to other partygoers what level of social intimacy a person might allow is ideal for your wedding. You can color code the levels of distance to your chosen color scheme to convey messages similar to these-

  • Green – My body has antibodies / I am fully vaccinated – let’s party!
  • Yellow – I am comfortable being around others, but no touching please!
  • Red – Please social distance, but I am smiling behind my mask!

6. Create Safe Spaces For Guests

When planning your wedding reception venue, you should look for places that will allow you to distance your guests safely. The venue doesn’t have to be outside to keep your guests socially distanced. For example, you can space the tables to the proper distance or place colorful balloon sculptures in chairs you don’t want guests to sit.

7. Rethink Your Refreshment And Meal Options

Buffets are the go-to meal plan when it comes to weddings, as well as an open bar for people to gather and mingle with each other. However, these two options are not a good choice for social distancing. Instead, plated meals served by screened staff and carafes of alcoholic beverages on the tables will help encourage people to stay at their tables while enjoying a delicious meal.

8. The Dance Floor Doesn’t Have To Stay Empty

Dancing to celebrate the newlyweds doesn’t have to go away for social distancing. You can have areas on the dance floor marked for proper social distance so people can get up and groove. For those who don’t want to get up, you and your groom could dance on the floor while a band plays a “concert” for the guests to dance in their seats.

9. Reimagine Your Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions are important, but not more important than the safety of you and your guests. So while you have traditions you will keep, it is best you think about cutting out the ceremonies that have you getting in close personal contact with your guests, like a receiving line.

Creatively Social Distanced Weddings Can Be Beautiful

Social distance at large gatherings socially doesn’t limit how beautiful your wedding day can be or how special you will feel. There are endless options to showcase your special day and keep everyone safe.

At Sposa Mia Bridal, we have timeless bridal gowns to help you start planning your wedding day. Give us a call to schedule your appointment with one of our knowledgeable bridal consultants to get a jump start on your wedding plans.


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