Our Top 8 Texas Wedding and Bridal Trends

December 20, 2020

2021 has been a year full of changes. Weddings are no exception. The wedding landscape is changing more non-traditional concepts. Whether you consider yourself traditional or contemporary, there’s a trend to fit your desires as the bride or the groom.

You can incorporate unique ideas while still staying true to tradition and create an entertaining, interactive and inclusive wedding and reception in the Lonestar State.

Here are 8 must-see wedding trends for 2021.

1. Non-Traditional Wedding Gowns and Grooms Wear

Brides are opting for more than just the traditional white lace dress. They’re choosing alternative styles and bringing life to the party. While the bridal gown still has its place, brides are now opting for mini dresses and non-traditional colors add a pop of attitude and some personality when they walk down the aisle.

Follow your theme and break out of the traditional tuxedo. Add more color and even a more relaxed look for your groom and groomsmen. Trust us, they’ll appreciate being noticed just as much as the bridesmaids. Different fabrics like denim, cotton, and linen provide more comfort and flexibility to move than traditional wool and polyester blend, especially in the warmer Texas spring and summer months.

2. New Color and Lighting Themes

Color themes are shifting from classic white and pastel colors to new dark and edgy colors featuring burgundies, navy blues, and even black. Choosing non-traditional colors adds personality and intrigue to the wedding party and the decorations.

In addition to a darker color theme, couples are opting for uplighting and LED screen displays rather than the old-school laser light shows of the past. Choosing the right lighting can enhance the guest’s experience and add life to any reception hall or large tented area.

3. Non-Traditional Wedding Registries

Texas couples are opting out of the traditional wedding gifts of the past. Picture frames, mixers, and blenders are all things they likely have. Instead, registries are becoming a way to ask for cash funds, honeymoon excursions, and donations, or even donations to the couple’s favorite charity.

These gifts are more meaningful and personalized. The bride and groom will appreciate a cash donation or help with their honeymoon much more than a toaster or two.

4. More Menu Options and Unique Presentation

Food is one of the most important parts of the reception. From appetizers to dinner, meeting the various dietary needs and restrictions of guests creates a more inclusive reception. We may be known for our BBQ, but making sure you give your guests other options as well will always be appreciated. Most caterers and venues provide options for gluten-free, vegetarian, and other entrees.

In addition to adding more meal options, brides and grooms are coming up with ways to highlight their food. Including things like appetizer conveyor belts and build-your-own burger bars. Add to your theme by creating a signature cocktail or themed cocktail menu for your reception.

With so many ways to customize the meal and drink menus, think outside the box and create your own personal twist on the traditional buffet or course meal.

5. Unique First Dances

The first dance is a precious moment. Many brides and grooms are taking dance classes and creating a fun, exciting first dance. You can even include the entire wedding party to join and come up with choreography and really entertain your guests.

This trend is extending to the traditional mother/son and father/daughter dances. Get your parents into the mix and change it up, have some fun and show off your moves!

6. Unique Entertainment

Another way to add inclusivity to your wedding is to dream up more than just dancing for entertainment. Some people don’t like to dance, or are unable to. Let them join in the fun by coming up with new kinds of entertainment.

This new trend includes options like a video game area, karaoke, and lawn games. Get your guests mingling with a bit of competition and camaraderie in a game of cornhole or on a giant Connect Four board.

7. Artistic Cake Designs

Traditional, towering wedding cakes covered in fondant and flowers are still great, but with a bit of imagination, you can turn your cake into a piece of art. Add edible flowers, or have a “naked” cake with frosting only between the layers. Let your cake decorator go wild, and use dripped icing or try a marbled look.

You can even opt-out of having a cake. Create mini-cakes, pies, or even cupcakes for your guests. Get creative with your presentation and options for desserts. Try a dessert bar, candy table, or even a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit.

8. Wedding Hashtags

Encourage your guests to share photos, thoughts, and even silly advice that you can find and link to easily with a wedding hashtag.

Use combinations or your last names, a silly saying you use, or even something related to your wedding theme. Hashtags get guests involved and give you something to find and enjoy long after the wedding is over.

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