Top Wedding Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

September 15, 2022

On your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best. Whether you wear makeup daily or rarely, your wedding will be one of the most photographed days of your life. You will already be glowing with joy and want your makeup to enhance your natural beauty and last all day.

We will share some great tips to help you look your best at your wedding and avoid some common wedding makeup mistakes.

Common Makeup Mistakes

1. Your Wedding Day Is Not The Day To Experiment With Something New

Choose tones you feel most like yourself wearing. Feeling comfortable is essential; you want to ensure that your look is defined and finished without overdoing it.

2. Focusing Too Much On Beauty Trends

While you may be tempted to go with what is trending in makeup, you want to keep your look timeless. Keeping your wedding makeup light and fresh will ensure that when you look back ten years at the wedding photos, you still love how you look on your big day.

3. Skipping The Makeup Trial Or Being Unprepared For Your Trial

A makeup trial is an extra added cost; however, it is worth it. Make sure to schedule your test three months ahead if you are unhappy with the first one and need another go.

Before your trial, make sure you search through Pinterest or magazines for women with similar skin tones to yours whose makeup you love. Also, bring any photos of yourself where you like or dislike your makeup, and make sure your stylist is on the same page as you. Wear white to your makeup trial to ensure you get an accurate picture of how your makeup will look on your wedding day. One last tip! Take photos to get an idea of what your makeup will look like on your wedding day to make sure you like it.

4. Avoid Wearing Lipstick Or Lip Gloss

Choose a longer-lasting lip stain instead. Lip gloss will wear off quickly and is more likely to get on clothing or your partner’s face when kissing them. Also, brides who wear a veil will stick to their lips when wearing lip gloss.

5. Wearing Shimmer In The Wrong Places

A light sheer gold shimmer to the tops of the cheekbones, just under the brows and on the cupid’s bow of lips, will make you look glowing from the inside out. However, placing it on your forehead or nose can cause your skin to look greasy.

Avoid products with glitter and sparkles as they reflect light toward the camera, often resulting in white spots across your skin and your wedding photographs. Shimmery is different because a shimmer product has no particles or flex that will cause a flashback with the camera.

6. Misapplying Blush

When applying blush, concentrate on the apples of your cheeks where you blush naturally. You can further emphasize your cheekbones if you use a small amount of bronzer underneath and blend it into the flesh.

7. Too Much Makeup Around The Eyes

Except for mascara, avoid using black eyeliner or shadow. Choose other colors to help create a soft, more glamorous look that will enhance the natural color of your eyes. Choose cream shadow as a base rather than a powder because it lasts longer and makes your lip color look better.

8. Choosing The Wrong Lash Enhancements

If you want to get eyelash extensions, make sure you do this at least two weeks before your wedding just in case you have an allergic reaction to the end piece to ensure that you are comfortable wearing them.

9. Forgetting To Touch Up Eyebrows

The shape of your brows can change the entire look of your face. Have them professionally done a couple of weeks before your wedding, and define them with a brow powder.

10. Using Foundation With SPF

Avoid wearing foundation with SPF, as it can cause the face to look white in flash photography. For the bride who will be outdoors all day long, you can wear sunscreen underneath your foundation that will absorb into your skin rather than sitting on top.

11. Airbrush Foundation

For brides who don’t need a lot of coverage, the airbrush foundation may be perfect as it is very lightweight. However, sticking with a traditional formula is your best choice if you need more coverage.

12. Too Much Foundation

The sheer foundation is ideal for allowing your glowing skin to shine. In contrast, a heavier foundation does not look good in photographs. The best way to keep your wedding makeup lasting longer is to use a good primer and follow a light to medium-coverage foundation.

13. Too Much Powder

Applying too much powder under your eyes magnifies wrinkles and can cause your skin to look dry.

14. Not Applying Body Makeup

While it may seem unnecessary, applying makeup to even out your complexion on your décolletage and back can help to light up your face. 

15. Using Makeup That Is Not Waterproof

Wearing waterproof mascara is a given; however, you should also wear waterproof foundation to avoid having streaks where your foundation comes off should you shed a few tears. When you do cry, make sure you dab those tears instead of wiping them to keep your makeup intact.

16. Not Allowing Makeup To Set Before Applying The Next Layer

Allow enough time between each step of your makeup for it to dry.

17. Over-Tanning

Many brides want a golden glow on their wedding day; however, remember that you are wearing white which will make the contrast more dramatic.

18. Getting A Spray Tan

Avoid booking your tanning session the day before your wedding. Also, get the lighter shade possible and allow it to build in the weeks leading up to your wedding day.

19. The Mono-Tan Look

Spray tans look unnatural because your entire body is colored evenly with the same color. You can opt for an airbrush or ask the spray tan artist to skip your face on the last round.

20. Altering Your Skin Care Regiment

Stick with regular skin care products. A few days before your wedding, it is best not to experiment with skin peels, treatments, or new, unfamiliar products. If you want to get a facial before your wedding, begin the process at least 3 to 4 months in advance to have your skin glowing and clear on your wedding day.

21. Prepping Your Skin All Wrong On Your Wedding Day

Before you start applying makeup, make sure that you:

  • Use a gentle cleanser
  • Use a toner
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Apply a hydrating cream around your eyes
  • Leave pimples alone; it is easy to cover a spot than a scab

22. Waxing The Day Before

If you want to wax your brows or any other area on your face, ensure that you do it at least five days before your wedding to avoid marks and scabs. For those who have never waxed before, don’t start now.

23. Forgetting About The Bridal Party’s Makeup

Remember that your bridesmaids will be in many pictures with you, so it is essential to share wedding makeup guidelines to ensure everyone looks cohesive.

24. Forgetting An Emergency Makeup Kit

Even smudge-proof makeup may need a touchup on your way day. Some essential products or your emergency kit should include:

  • Oil-absorbing sheets for oily skin, as they don’t remove any existing makeup
  • Your lip color
  • Cotton swabs and tissues to help fix smudges
  • Translucent powder
  • Lash glue if you are wearing false eyelashes

Now that your makeup is covered, it is time to find your dream wedding dress!

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