What are the Five Things a Bride Needs?

February 10, 2022

The day of the wedding is an exciting time for all involved and one of the most important days for the bride-to-be. There’s much to do on the day of the wedding and if you are not careful, some tasks or items can fall by the wayside or get missed altogether. Traditional or modern, every wedding has necessities and the bride will be incredibly happy to know that her needs and wants are covered.

Whether the bride is a traditionalist and/or a modernist when it comes to the customs of the wedding day, there are a few things that are a must have on the big day.

If you’ve forgotten the “something old, something new” items, we will go over that as well as list the top 5 things a bride needs for her big day in 2022 and beyond. 

The “Something Old” Tradition

The custom of having something from each of the categories in the Victorian-era rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” still goes on today. While brides aren’t necessarily worried about bad luck or curses like they used to be (the rhyme was said to ward off evil and bring prosperity back in the old days) they still like the idea of having this tradition be a part of their wedding plan. 

The categories and the items therein may have slightly different meanings than they used to, but the symbolism of each still remains and can help make the day even more special for the bride. Listed below are the 5 “somethings” and what each means and what you can use for them now. 

Something Old

A keepsake or handed down item from the family of the bride is usually the “something old” carried or worn by the bride. This item symbolizes continuity and a long marriage. It can be anything from the clutch the bride carries, a pin or brooch, veil or a piece of fabric or clothing sewn into the inside of the dress. If no keepsake is able to be found from the family, the bride can use something from the groom’s side or just start her own keepsake by buying a vintage heirloom she enjoys. 

Something New

The “something new” is usually represented by using the wedding dress as the item. This item is said to symbolize a hopeful future and if the dress happens to be vintage or handed down, the bride can use jewelry, a new clutch, or even the bouquet of flowers she’s holding.

Something Borrowed

The “something borrowed” is normally an item borrowed from a happily married friend or family member of the bride. This piece symbolizes a happy marriage and is said to bring good luck. Some ideas for the borrowed item can be jewelry, a hair accessory, drinking cups or even the wedding dress itself. 

Something Blue

The color blue is said to stand for love, purity and fidelity which are three key aspects to help build and stay a solid marriage. The “something blue” can be one of many items, such as shoes, jewelry, shoes, flowers or a particular favorite, the garter belt. 

Sixpence in Your Shoe

Since it may be hard to find a sixpence (British coins not used since the 70s) in 2022, you can always substitute it out for a penny. It is said that placing one in the bride’s shoe symbolizes a future of prosperity. If you are a true traditionalist, you can forgo the penny and get a true sixpence here. 

Modern Day Needs

While the time honored tradition of “something old, something new” is a fun way to harken back to the wedding days of ol’, the brides of today have more modern, yet practical needs on their wedding day. Here’s a list of the 5 most essential things a bride will need on their big day:

Water and Food

It can be easy for a bride to forget to eat or drink on her big day with everything going on. Make sure to pack easy-to-tote snacks and hydrating drinks for the big day.


Outdoor weddings are very popular and most times, the sun is out and at its brightest when the vows are being exchanged. Bring sunglasses to ensure the bride won’t be staring into the sun while she walks down the aisle and make sure to be ready to grab them at the photographer’s request. 

Extra Pair of Shoes

While every bride deserves beautiful and comfortable shoes, sometimes comfort is sacrificed for style, especially on a day as important as this. Packing an extra pair of shoes will ensure the bride stays blister free and isn’t limping during the reception. 


The bride won’t be wearing the wedding dress until about an hour or so before the wedding so having a robe on hand as a change of clothes can be the furthest thing from your mind the day of your wedding. Robes ensure the bride can get in and out of it quickly and she will also be very comfortable and it will help relax her before she walks down the aisle. 

Wedding Planner

A paid wedding planner is always an amazing asset to have on your wedding day. They will be a step ahead of everyone else and make sure the bride is happy as well as that everything else is going smoothly behind the scenes. If there is no wedding planner, you can designate one or two people as the unofficial wedding helpers and each of them can have a list of items to keep track of during the entire day. 

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