Going Casual: 4 Informal Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

January 5, 2022

Some girls dreamed of their big fairytale wedding with glamour and posh all around — but that wasn’t you. Instead, you thought outside the box to something much more casual.

Can’t imagine spending your special day with all the formality and stiffness of a traditional wedding? Instead, do you want something comfortable and relaxed where you can sink into the day and enjoy the moments with your family and friends?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for ideas for an informal wedding day — we’ve got you covered!

4 Informal Wedding Ideas

These 4 ideas will help you plan the perfect casual wedding day.

Idea #1. Casual Themes

Many women are not comfortable in dresses, including big white dresses — so they don’t wear one! Embrace your individuality and who you are — it is your day, you’re allowed to do so. 

Some people make literal themes out of their big day — Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus for Halloween weddings, etc. Even if you’re not going all out on your favorite fandom-themed wedding, you can still pick a style that suits the casual vibe you’re going for.

Some other casual theme ideas include:

  • Farmhouse style
  • Country simplicity 
  • Botanical garden
  • Picnic style

Don’t be afraid to express your individuality on your big day! Have fun with it and leave the stress at home.

Idea #2. Casual Venues

When stepping away from traditional wedding ideas, casual venues are the way to go. Your wedding day isn’t tied into a church ceremony. You can turn almost any location into an informal venue. 


A courtyard ceremony will allow both you and your guests to feel much more comfortable and relaxed. With a courtyard ceremony, the possibilities are endless when incorporating simplicity into your service. You can use decors such as a floral arch and a string of lights — which add the perfect touch to an outdoor courtyard ceremony. 


Backyard weddings are so much more casual than churches and courtyards. There is something about that “home” feeling that gives a backyard wedding that intimate vibe and effortless feel.

Wineries, Distilleries, and Breweries

Many winery, distillery, and brewery locations have banquet rooms and outside areas to rent for a nominal fee. Many of the sites are private, and some have their own bar. This is a great way to keep things casual and yet still have a good time. Each location is different as to whether drinks are part of their rental tab. You’ll also want to inquire about whether food is part of the bill, an add-on, or if you will need to find catering.  

Some other locations to consider:

  • A ranch or estate — inside or out 
  • In a forest clearing
  • At a local park or waterfall 
  • On the beach
  • At a bed and breakfast
  • On a boat

Idea #3. Fun Food Ideas

Food is a staple item when it comes to a wedding celebration. While having a sit-down dinner is traditional, it doesn’t have to be the norm. 

Food Trucks

A few great things about food trucks are that they’re portable, great for a budget, and have a wide variety of food available to serve your guests. Whether you choose to hire a private food truck —  or three — or make the announcement that any and all food trucks in the area are welcome to drive to the venue with the hopes the guests will snack on their goods, there is no shortage of options when it comes to food trucks. 


Potlucks are not on everyone’s list, but if you’ve got open-minded guests who love to do family and workplace gatherings, you won’t have to worry about hiring a caterer. Instead of a BYOB, make sure your wedding invitations say it’s a bring a dish to pass at the event. Have the best man fire up the grill, and you’re sure to have a fantastic BBQ-style party. 

Idea #4. Casual Clothing Options

Now that you’ve got a few ideas about your casual wedding — where to have it and what to do about food — let’s talk about what to wear!

For the Guests

To keep the male guests casual on your wedding day — dress pants with a polo or button-down shirt are perfect. For the ladies, they can wear a skirt, a dress, or a nice blouse with some casual pants. Their makeup can be kept as a natural, everyday appearance. 

If you’re doing a backyard wedding, it’s up to you and your groom whether or not you want your guests to wear jeans. 

For the Groom

To keep the groom casual on his wedding day, there’s no need for a suit! Instead, the groom can go casual in slack, loafers, and a button-down shirt. 

For the Bride

To keep the bride casual on her wedding day, short dresses, soft silhouettes, and light-weight fabrics are ideal. Fabrics can include organza, tulle, and chiffon. Sandals and flats are suitable for casual footwear. 

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