Should I Wear a Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress?

December 10, 2021

Finding the perfect wedding dress is essential for every bride-to-be. No matter if you are going for a more elegant look or a more ethereal look, long sleeves have held the tradition of being one of the most popular wedding looks. From Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian, everyone can style a long sleeve dress to fit their personality.

While the answer to “should I wear a wedding dress” is a resounding yes, there can be some drawbacks to wearing certain styles of long sleeves. This article will go over all the good reasons to keep long sleeves at the top of your list and all the challenges to look out for so you can sidestep any issues you might face when it comes to choosing your dress. 

Benefits and Challenges of Wearing Long Sleeves

The Benefits

Sun Protection

If you are getting married outside, having long sleeves can help to protect your skin from the sun while you are out in it for several hours. No one wants to have sunburn the day after their wedding and long sleeves will protect your arms from harmful rays while you say your vows. 


Long sleeves will keep you warm if you are getting married in a cooler setting, whether it be at night, in the winter or a temperate climate. Having long sleeves will keep you from shivering as you stand and look into your partner’s eyes.                                         

A Touch of Sophistication

Long sleeves, such as a juliet sleeve or crepe style, can add an air of finesse and sophistication to any wedding dress. Light, sheer fabrics give a romantic look. Play with wedding dress fabric to find your look and feel.

Makes Jewelry Optional

If you aren’t a huge fan of jewelry, long sleeves, especially those with embellishments, can cut out the need to add accessories and keep the attention on you.

Potential Challenges

Could Be Too Hot for Certain Occasions

Long sleeves can add extra warmth to your gown, so make sure your sleeves reflect the temperature you will be getting married in. Keep in mind there are sleeve styles that are perfect for hotter temperatures (think lace styles), so you don’t have to completely throw the idea of long sleeves away, just make sure to consider your climate when shopping for your dress and when making fabric choices.

Can Look Messy if Not Perfectly Fitted

Sleeves that aren’t fitted properly can look a little haphazard and may not seem cohesive with the dress. Make sure to have the sleeves tailored just as you would the hem or the bodice. 

Could Make It Hard for the Bride to Move

While it can be said wedding dresses in general can be a little restrictive in nature to do all the buttons, zippers, lace and embellishments they undergo to become the perfect look for the wedding day, some sleeves may be a little too intense for people who aren’t used to wearing tight clothing. Make sure whatever style you choose is comfortable as well as stylish.

Types of Long Sleeves

  • Boho: gentle and romantic. Light textures, translucent fabrics and a flying silhouette highlight the grace and beauty of this style. Highlighted by translucent lantern sleeves, can be off shoulder as well. 
  • Juliet: romantic, fitted. This style is a long sleeve with a gathered puff at the shoulder. Named as such due to them being reminiscent of the Renaissance fashion style (re: Romeo and Juliet).
  • Illusion Lace: comfortable, lightweight. Look no further than Kate Middleton for inspiration.  The transparent, tight-fitting sleeves are decorated with lace patches and look delicate and elegant.
  • Crepe: elegant, great for fall or winter weddings. A crisp, chic fabric made of wool, silk, or synthetic fiber that provides warmth for the bride and style for the dress. A sleek and flattering style for any bride.
  • Detachable Sleeves: a newer style that is growing in popularity. Normally made of tulle. These sleeves allow for the bride to wear for the ceremony and take off for the reception.
  • Bishop Sleeve: modest, ends at the wrist. These long, loose fitting sleeves create a whimsical look. Popular with bohemian and romantic weddings.          

Ready to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress?

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