Top 5 Must-Avoid Mistakes When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

November 30, 2021

When a bride visualizes her wedding, a gorgeous wedding dress is probably foremost in her mind. When it comes time to go dress shopping, it should be a time of excitement and happiness, not stress or frustration. 

Making sure you have an easy, fun and unforgettable experience trying on wedding dresses and finding the one is an attainable goal if you know what to look out for before the appointment. 

With so many options in magazines, online, and in boutiques, knowing what to look out for can be quite the help before you start trying on and looking for your gown. 

There are a few common mistakes any bride can make while searching for their wedding dress that can cost extra time, money and energy that you don’t have. This article aims to help make sure you avoid these issues and help you find that gorgeous dress that fits you (and your budget) perfectly. 

Top Dress Shopping Mistakes

Mistake 1: Shopping for Your “Future Body”

Everyone knows it is not helpful to shop for sizes that are smaller than what you currently wear. Many of us have one or two items in their closet that they will never wear due to doing just that. One of the biggest mistakes you can make while shopping for your wedding dress is looking for sizes that are smaller than your current size. It puts unneeded pressure on you to lose a certain amount of weight before your wedding and you may not be able to lose it all, leaving you with a dress that does not fit and frantically arranging alterations at the last minute. With so many amazing options in your size, you will find what you are looking for at your current size and love how you look in the right dress.

If you do happen to lose a few pounds before the wedding, there is always the option of having the dress taken in to accommodate your new size if needed. It is much easier to take in a dress than to add fabric that is not there, trust us

Mistake 2: Shopping Without Your Budget in Mind

It is very important to have a set budget before you start looking for wedding dresses. Since dresses come in all price ranges, you can easily look at ones that are way beyond what you can afford if you aren’t asking to look at specific ranges right away. It will help you not only save disappointment by looking at a price tag while you have the dress on and also show you that there are so many types of styles and looks you are able to afford no matter how high or low your budget is. 

Mistake 3: Not Bringing Your Wedding Shoes

While you probably won’t have your exact wedding shoes before you start shopping for your wedding dress, it is very important not to make the mistake of not wearing shoes that will be similar. If you don’t wear shoes that will match the height of the ones you will be choosing, you can run the risk of needing extra hemming if the shoes are too short. 

You want your wedding shoes to align with the dress or else it will cost extra to make sure the dress hangs properly. Heel height and the type of shoe you will be wearing can change your posture and affect how your new dress fits you, so make sure to bring along your wedding shoes or shoes that will align well with the wedding shoes you choose to match your dress.

Mistake 4: Not Bringing the Right People 

When you go dress shopping, it is tradition to have your maid of honor and mother along for the experience. If you decide you want to bring more friends or relatives, you could find that there are too many opinions and not enough cohesive advice to help you. 

You may also find it harder to really delve into certain styles for fear of judgment or worry from people who don’t really know you that well anyways. You will already be dealing with many choices as far as wedding dress selection, you don’t need to have to sort through everyone’s ideas for your dress as well. Make sure the people you bring know your style and have an opinion you trust, it will make for a fun and stress-free environment while you shop for the one. 

Mistake 5: Judging a Dress Before You Try It On

It’s easy to make quick judgments about garments that are hanging on the racks because you may think it might not look good on you or your body type, but make sure to allow yourself to try on dresses you may not initially reach for. Not having an open mind while dress shopping could mean you miss out on the perfect dress. Even if you are unsure, make sure to listen to the consultant at the boutique as much as possible, as they have extensive experience and have put brides in their perfect dresses time and time again. 

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