What is the Meaning Behind The Wedding Veil?

September 30, 2021

Are you looking at wedding dresses and trying to decide if you want to include a veil? Have you ever wondered what the meaning is behind them? Veils have their own magic when it comes to bringing together a wedding dress, and they have a long history that outlines that magic. 

When a bride tries on a veil, a bride is created. She lights up immediately as she sees herself transform. She should be excited. Getting married is a big day for anyone, and it’s something you will remember forever. Some find the veil mysterious, while others feel like it carries the vibe of a fairy tale princess. Whatever the reason, the veil has many meanings and its origins are quite interesting. 

So, what is the deal with veils anyway? Should every bride have one, or is it bad luck? Let’s take a look at some of the history behind the wedding veil. 

The History of the Wedding Veil

Veils first appear in history in Ancient Rome. Brides wore veils to ward off or confuse evil spirits on their wedding day, as this was a time that she was seen to be especially vulnerable to the influence of these spirits. It is said that some wore it to symbolize the flame of the goddess Vesta, the goddess of the hearth and home, but some wore it for other goddesses.

The veil has also been utilized to symbolize the bride’s purity. The veil showed how her virginity was “wrapped up” for her husband and ready to be given on her wedding night. 

The veil wasn’t worn for much of history, however. It returned to fashion in the 19th century. Queen Victoria wore one and set the trend, but veils covering the bride’s face were not allowed at royal weddings. Most royal weddings at the time were arranged marriages, and people were afraid that the bride would have someone else attend the wedding hiding behind the veil. 

Veils symbolize many things from one religion and culture to another. For instance, Judaism includes the veil in the Bedeken ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom covers the bride’s face with the veil. This tradition honors the Biblical story of Jacob. Jacob was deceived into marrying Leah, the sister of Rachel, his intended bride.

So, during the Bedeken ceremony, grooms check to make sure they’re marrying the correct person.

Not quite the most romantic or bride-centric concept, really. However these traditions take on new meanings and are re-adapted for modern times in ways that are much more positive.

What Does the Veil Mean?

Again, the veil symbolizes many different things to different cultures and throughout history. While it can mean purity and virginity, some women find it makes them feel feminine, sexy, mysterious, or it just makes them feel like a beautiful bride. 

Veils are often associated with the idea of being a fairy princess or princess bride. There’s something mysterious, irresistible, and feminine about being covered with delicate lace or sheer iridescent tulle. Some find the magic is in the veil floating behind them, placing the princess’s blessings on the precipice of her bridal story. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a veil, or any other bridal accessory, is what it means to you. Do you identify with the purity origins, or are you a fairy princess bride? Do you simply like the look of the veil, or does it make you feel like your outfit is complete? Your personal symbol is what matters to you. 

How Do I Decide Whether or Not to Wear a Veil?

Not all brides wear veils. Veils are entirely optional, and many brides don’t wear them. There are some things to consider when choosing whether or not to wear a veil. We advise you to try several veils before choosing one if you choose one at all. Experiment with different styles, and notice how they complement or don’t compliment your wedding dress. 

Veils require a great deal of maintenance, especially if you choose a longer style. They need to be steamed before the wedding to eliminate any creases or wrinkles. You will need to have longer veils carried by yourself or your bridesmaids. You don’t want them to get dirty. Daria Karlozi and Estee Couture are two — of many — of our favorite designers who offer veils in our boutique. 

Most brides take the veil off before the reception, mainly because it makes dancing easier. But you should decide what you want to do for yourself. The ultimate goal is to make your wedding the wedding of your dreams. 

Many brides also wear other accessories instead of a veil. Some of these options include tiaras, flower crowns, headbands, or no accessories at all. 

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