Wedding Dress Inspiration

May 26, 2020

The first step to finding the perfect wedding dress is knowing what you want. While some brides-to-be have thought about their dream wedding dress for years, others aren’t quite sure what to wear to the occasion.

In this article, we’ll provide a few suggestions for what can inspire your wedding dress. These suggestions include current fashion, the wedding plan, family tradition, and famous wedding dresses worn in the past.

Current Fashion

Every year, there are new wedding dress styles that can spark something in you. If you’re having trouble figuring out how you want to look when you walk down the aisle, it can be helpful to look at what the current styles are.

New York’s Bridal Fashion Week often sets the tone for the coming year, allowing you to see a variety of exciting new looks.

The Wedding Plan

Of course, the venue where you’re having your wedding could have an impact on what dress you’re wearing. Is it a beach wedding? If so, you’re probably going to want something different than what you’d wear in a traditional church wedding.

Along with this, you can take into account what other people will be wearing. While it’s traditional for others to base their outfits on what you’re wearing, ideas from a groom or bridesmaid’s outfit can be perfect for inspiring you.

Family Tradition

In some families, wedding traditions are very important. Whether your mom wants you to wear a dress like hers or you simply want to take inspiration from her, this is a great place to get ideas for what kind of dress you’d like to wear.

Your Favorite Wedding Dresses

Some wedding dresses are so stunning, people talk about them years after they occured. This is particularly common for royal weddings, which are known for their lavish beauty. Did you prefer Kate Middleton’s look or Megan Markle’s? Either way, they can make a great inspiration for your dress.

Along with royal weddings there are a variety of other bridal events you can take inspiration from. 

Take Mick Jagger’s wife, Bianca Jagger, for instance. Decades after the event, people are still talking about her eye-catching look: a white Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket paired with a silk skirt. Despite what you may think, there are plenty of innovative bridal styles to be found in the past.

If there’s a wedding you watched as a child that stuck with you, you may want to take inspiration from the bride’s dress. If it had such an impact on you, why shouldn’t you have that impact on your guests?

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Dress in McAllen, Texas?

If so, Sposa Mia Couture is here for you. For years, we’ve been helping brides-to-be in McAllen find the perfect eye-catching look that they can take pride in for years to come. Whether you’re not sure what you want or you have a perfect dress in mind, we’re happy to show you the dresses we have available to help you make your decision.

If you have any questions about the dresses we can offer you, or you’d like to book an appointment with us, please reach out to us by calling (956) 683-8740 or emailing us at [email protected].


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