How to Make Your Wedding Dress Affordable

January 20, 2021

Everyone knows that weddings can be one of the biggest expenses of our lifetime, just behind paying for college and buying a house. I’m sure we all have heard from one exasperated friend or family member about the expense of their wedding.

One thing is for sure, whether you get married in a mansion or in a backyard, budget is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding.

The average cost of a wedding in 2019 was $28,000 according. Wedding dress averages come in at just over $1,200 with averages in places like Manhattan topping $3,027 while in Alaska, brides are a little more fiscally conservative, with their average for a gown coming in at just over $800..

No matter your budget, today you have way more options when it comes to picking out your dress for your big day. Thanks to the internet and the consumer’s desires to have a wider range of fashion choices, it is possible to find the one and still not break the bank when you are starting out your new life as a married couple.

Even brides trying to stay within budget can get the feel of a couture gown with that custom look, it just takes a little research and savvy and you can get that haute couture look without having to sacrifice your savings account.

Here are some tips and tricks to getting a dress with that expensive look without digging too deep into your (or your partner’s) pockets.

  • Buy vintage or used. You can get deep discounts on designer dresses if they are from a different era or even just worn once before. Many are still flawless and basically perfect out of the store. There are many websites that cater to second-hand dresses as well.
  • Tailor that gorgeous dress to fit you perfectly. Instead of paying for a custom made gown, find one you adore, new or used, and have a tailor alter it to your exact measurements for that personalized touch.
  • Shop in the wedding off-season. Couture gowns are within your grasp! Shopping in the winter months can offer up some deep discounts. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time for alterations if you get a dress online.
  • Always check for sample sales. A lot of bridal stores have yearly sample sales with amazing discounts, so keep your eyes peeled or ask your favorite shop when their next dress sale is coming up. Sometimes a shop will even let you buy the sample before the sale if you ask the owner if you can buy the sample outright. Never be shy to ask about a sale, most places love getting their sale stuff sold and welcome any and all questions.
  • Rent a dress. Not wanting to spend a huge chunk of your budget on something you will only wear once? Look for a wedding dress rental shop! In store or online, you can check out inventory and possibly even get a dress you wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Rental is a great way to cut expenses but not the look.


We all know weddings can be expensive, but hopefully with these helpful tips and some searching of your own, it can help alleviate some of the cost and keep you focused on the most important part of the wedding: having a blast with the person you adore on your special day. With the help of these wedding day life hacks, you’ll have a happy savings account while everyone looking at you will be wondering how you snagged such a gorgeous gown (you can tell them your secrets after you cut the cake.)

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